Thursday, 17 December 2009

Meeks-the word on everyone's lips...

unfortunately my name is meek- no 's'

very exciting to get some press!!!

now i have to try and get the uber trendy shopping and style intern-see below- to name drop me in time out...

curiouser and curiouser

great success (for me) at A LITTLE BAZAAR last saturday,
so i shall be there again this saturday.

come down! come down!!
Everyones stuff is really nice and keston lodge has an AMAZING selection of cocktails-buy one get for a quid!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Selling out...

My jewellery is now available to buy online!

but if you would rather see my pretty face and hear my dulcet tones whilst you peruse my wares
(who wouldn't?), you can find me this saturday, at
A Little Bazaar at Keston Lodge, 131 Upper St, Islington
from 11-4.

now i just have to find a permanent stockist.
my printer is the current obstacle I am trying to overcome in my quest for fame and fortune...