Wednesday, 8 July 2009

...and downmarket

So I decided to sell myself on the street instead...(if anyone is interested I'm £5)
and it turns out we were mugs to ever try the upmarket!

not the best photo ever, sorry-ed was probably drunk.

This sunday we're are going to take over the whole street.

or at least an intimidatingly large part of it...


This was our first stall at Upmarket on Brick Lane.
Less successful than we had envisaged....You can tell this was early on in the day because Ciara looks so hopeful...
These are Ciara's necklaces,The White Label

Vintage Button Necklaces

I've been sourcing buttons and beads from shops and markets in London, Tolouse, New York and Copenhagen...(although it looks like the most glamourous destination I'm likely to be visiting for the rest of the year will be Norfolk...)
Each of these pieces is unique because the buttons and beads are vintage, so I can generally only get one or two of each.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Glass Bead Necklaces

These are some of the glass bead necklaces I've been making.

Im currently making bigger, more structural ones purely to test my patience and eye-sight to their limits...